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Eran Orbach
Partner at Zilberboim Orbach Harpaz

Adv. Eran Orbach is a founding partner, head of the firm's real estate practice and holds vast knowledge and experience in representing entrepreneurs and companies in large-scale and complex real estate transactions in Israel, in investment transactions and large-scale real estate development abroad (with a strong focus on Russia), complex litigation cases in the fields of real estate and companies law.

Adv. Orbach represents and accompanies the firm's clients at all stages of the various real estate transactions, starting with the preliminary stages of the project or transaction, including preforming due diligence, creation  of the transaction and acquisition of the land; planning and licensing stages of the project; and establishment of the full scope of the project. This includes drafting the entire contractual framework required involving all relevant figures and aspects, including consultants, contractors, marketing, sales, financing agreements and more.

Adv. Orbach has a unique expertise in representing and accompanying acquisition groups, including some of the largest groups in Israel – both in terms of magnitude (up to hundreds of members) and in terms of substance and value, amounting to billions of shekels – inherently raising substantial complexities with regard to legal and business, financial and managerial aspects.

 Adv. Orbach is also exceptionally proficient in representing investment transactions and real estate development abroad. Adv. Orbach's experience in accompanying international transactions abroad includes leading large-scale transactions – properties often entail thousands of acres, as well as the size and scope of the projects constructed, and the financial scope involved. Naturally, the handling of these transactions also includes maintaining tight-knit professional relationship with local law firms in the respective foreign jurisdictions and with the client and a range of professional advisors. – and is reflected in practice due to the presence of Adv. Orbach as a member of the small team that leads the transaction on behalf of the client. 

Over years, Adv. Orbach has established an extensive network of contacts with various entities abroad, including ongoing working relations with foreign law firms and extensive access to leading accounting firms and to various financial and regulatory bodies overseas.

In addition, Adv. Orbach has experience and expertise in representing and managing litigation cases in the real estate arena, including advising on disputes and potential disputes in the previous stages of litigation before the various courts in order to prevent or prepare for it in an optimal manner – especially regarding client-contractor relations, representing entrepreneurs as well as contractors.

  • Practices: Real Estate, Civil-Commercial Litigation
  • Education: LL.B, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1999).
  • Certification: Member of the Israel Bar Association (2000).
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 03-6072225
  • Fax: 03-6072250