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Office Profile
Zilberboim Orbach Harpaz (ZOH)

Zilberboim Orbach Harpaz (ZOH) is a leading boutique law firm specialising in civil-commercial litigation, real estate and class action lawsuits. The firm has a long tradition of advising and representing leading clients in Israel and around the world.

The firm's founders, Advocates David Zilberboim, Eran Orbach and Ronen Harpaz, hold vast expertise in the areas of litigation and real estate, acquired during decades of professional activity in Israel's leading and most prominent law firms.

The firm’s exclusivity stems from the combination of professional quality of the first degree and personal dedication. We devise unique solutions that are tailored to the client's specific needs and preferences, while ensuring the utmost diligence and effective creative thinking.

We serve clients from all fields of the business world in Israel and overseas. Among our clients are leading companies in the areas of real estate, retail, automotive and transportation, infrastructure, consulting, software, energy and communications. We serve as consultants and trustees to leading boards of directors and leading business professionals.

The firm's team holds a unique expertise in representation in matters relating to control disputes, corporate and securities law, real estate, consumer class actions and derivative suits and in the management of high-profile disputes.

The firm's staff has comprehensive expertise and experience in leading projects and real estate transactions, in Israel and around the world, concerning residential projects, high yielding commercial property and office complexes. Over the years, the firm has led dozens of projects and transactions, both local cases and complex large-scale international transactions. We handle all stages of the transaction and the project, from planning and licensing, through financing, construction and execution to marketing and realization.

The firm uncompromisingly views creativity, personal attention and professionalism as the core values which guide it in providing the best, most effective and most accessible legal support for its clients.

"Let others compromise" is our slogan. That says it all.