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Department Heads: Adv. David Zilberboim and Adv. Ronen Harpaz

Zilberboim Orbach Harpaz (ZOH) is a leading boutique firm in the field of civil-commercial litigation. The firm's team includes lawyers with extensive knowledge in a variety of legal fields, with years of experience in legal representation before the various judicial instances. We are proud to pursue a tradition of excellence and creativity in the application of the art of litigation.

The firm is ranked by local ranking guides (Duns 100) and international (Legal 500) as one of Israel's leading commercial litigation firms.

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Real Estate
Department Head: Adv. Eran Orbach

We live, breath and fully encompass all aspects of real estate: initiation, development and construction. Residential real estate, high yield real estate, offices and commercial property. Shopping centers, urban renewal, purchasing groups, planning and construction and real estate finance.

We represent our clients throughout the entire real estate project, from its initiation to its completion and registration. Complex projects, partnership and entrepreneurship agreements, purchase group agreements, sales agreements, combination agreements, real estate financing agreements, marketing arrangements, contractor agreements, planning agreements and more.

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