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Real Estate
Department Head: Adv. Eran Orbach

We live, breath and fully encompass all aspects of real estate: initiation, development and construction. Residential real estate, high yield real estate, offices and commercial property. Shopping centers, urban renewal, purchasing groups, planning and construction and real estate finance.

We represent our clients throughout the entire real estate project, from its initiation to its completion and registration. Complex projects, partnership and entrepreneurship agreements, purchase group agreements, sales agreements, combination agreements, real estate financing agreements, marketing arrangements, contractor agreements, planning agreements and more.

The real estate team, led by Adv. Eran Orbach, holds extensive experience in working on large-scale complex projects. Over the years, we have acquired a unique expertise in the fields of acquisition groups, client-contractor relations, real estate disputes, and in leading high-profile transactions abroad, including litigation in foreign judicial instances.

Among the department’s clients are some of the largest and most central real estate companies in Israel and prominent private entrepreneurs operating in the real estate field in Israel and abroad. Among our customers: Electra Group, Canada Israel Group, Amot Group, Hodaya Group, Ishras-Rasko Group and more.

The real estate team has extensive experience in representing and accompanying clients from the preliminary stages of the project, conducting due diligence, building the transaction, purchasing the land, through planning and licensing, project establishment, consultants and contractor agreements, marketing and sales.

The department often joins forces with the firm’s litigation practice in handling real estate disputes, from the early stages of contracting between the parties and from the beginning of the complex and wide-ranging projects that our clients are involved in.

International Real Estate

Over the past decade, Adv. Orbach has developed a unique expertise in the Israeli legal market in representing Israeli companies operating in the international market in general, and in Russia in particular.

The firm's team maintains exclusive contacts with various authorities in foreign countries, as well as professional relations with accounting firms, law firms, and various financial and regulatory bodies.

As part of its extensive work in the international market, the firm specializes in the acquisition and development of rights in overseas real estate, in the management of complex projects in all stages and in their sale to third parties. All is done in the course of the close cooperation with the leading law firms and the other professional figures in the relevant countries.

Acquisition Groups

The real estate team holds unique and extensive expertise in the field of acquisition groups. This includes formulating the agreement and the engagement between the parties, through the stage of establishment and execution of the project, and eventually the hand over and project finalization. All that is done both in full advising to all members of the group, the initiators and organizers of the group and to other professionals who accompany the group, both in representation in disputes (including legal claims) that sometimes arise between the above parties.

The Zilberboim, Orbach, Harpaz (ZOH) law firm's team emphasizes the personal service and responsivity, and serves as a true companion to their clients, that have been marching alongside with them for a long path and many years.