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Rotem Oren

Adv. Rotem Oren is an associate at ZOH handles civil-commercial litigation.

Rotem accompanies the firm's clients in commercial disputes, control disputes and derivative suits, represents corporations in class actions in the capital market and in securities, as well as in the consumer sectors.

Rotem completed her internship at Berkman, Wechsler Bloom & Co., where she continued her professional career as an associate attorney  in the litigation department and represented leading companies and business professionals, in Israel and abroad, in high-profile litigation cases in a wide range of fields and in all civil-commercial litigation procedures, before various judicial instances and in arbitrations and mediation proceedings.

As of 2019, she is part of the ZOH team

  • Education: LL.B (cum laude), University of Haifa (2009).
  • Certification: Member of the Israel Bar Association (2010).
  • Languages: Hebrew and English.
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 03-6072225
  • Fax: 03-6072250